Tax Advisory & Compliances

The tax system of the India is very large and subject to frequent changes. It becomes very difficult for companies to keep track and be aware of all relevant laws and by-laws in addition to all current business activities, even though violation carries financial penalties and criminal responsibility. Our employees are informed of the current changes and specifics of each industry sector to help companies.

AKCO group boasts professionals with years of experience managing the corporate tax departments of large, multi-jurisdictional businesses. AKCO draws on this experience to provide practical, effective, and cost-efficient solutions to corporate taxpayers in several areas of expertise:

  • Income Tax Filing of Corporates and Individuals.
  • Application of PAN and TAN for Residents and Non-Residents.
  • Handling all types of Income Tax Assessment cases.
  • Appearance before Taxation Authorities.
  • Representations before judicial authorities in assessment and appeals.
  • Assistance in preparing submissions and availing exemption certificate.
  • Advice on setting up tax efficient holding structures, business models
  • Build and manage a robust transfer pricing policy

We accommodate in regulatory compliances and advisory on critical issues under Goods & Services tax (GST) and other State and local body taxes. Experts believe that it will have a huge impact on businesses both big and small, and change the way the economy functions. Our devoted team under GST safeguards the following:

  • GST implications on transactional issues
  • GST Implication on cross border transactions
  • Classification of Product and Services as per GST Regime
  • Due Diligence of Corporates for ensuring the compliance of GST regime provisions.
  • Routine Compliance support in terms of Registration, Return Filling, Refunds, Reconciliations, assessment etc.

A withholding tax is an income tax to be paid to the government by the payer of the income rather than by the recipient of the income. The tax is thus withheld or deducted from the income due to the recipient.

WHT needs to be calculated on monthly basis and after that, the processing of the salary is done. AKCO equips you with the best solution for calculating error free WHT every month for your employees. We provide end to end solutions from preparation to filling of WHT returns (both Salaries & Non-Salaries). We aid in preparation of quarterly WHT return & help in WHT related data processing. Our Specialists takes care of all detail such as correct rate of WHT, entry of correct PAN in the return and verification of WHT challan details.

We fortify the followings:

  • Legal compliance, accurate and timely deductions, payments and filing of WHT return to enable our clients save on interests and penalties.
  • Assist you to generate WHT certificates in form16A, Form 16 and Form 12BA.
  • E-filling of the WHT returns.
  • E-Payment in all Tax Audit.
  • Providing expert recommendation to complete tax planning and others